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Historical and literary fiction set during the gaslit Victorian era.

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Take a step back in time with me and read about the amazing world of the Victorians.

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5 Star Reviews

She knows the era and the history--but more importantly, she knows how to deliver a historically authentic tale without getting preachy. - Jillian, Kindle Review All of us have 'a garden', a place of refuge even if it's in our fantasy's only. Did Daniel leave that place or take it with him? Did it serve him well or haunt him? To anyone that has ever longed to set their own course and march to the beat of their own drum, regardless of the consequences, this book is for you. - Raymond, Kindle Review I am again amazed at the author's capability to transport the reader to an age long past. Her descriptive talent is enviable! - Lisa, Kindle Review Meg North delivers a tale of intrigue and romance in the spell-binding "The Curtain Falls". - Katherine, Kindle Review